Medical College of Wisconsin offers vaccinations to non-affiliated health care workers

NOW: Medical College of Wisconsin offers vaccinations to non-affiliated health care workers

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Medical College of Wisconsin expanded its vaccine distribution this week. Health care workers who are not affiliated with the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center have the opportunity to get vaccinated. 

It’s a small clinic on the Medical College of Wisconsin Campus. Thursday, Jan. 14, marked the 10th day the clinic was open, only vaccinating affiliated health care workers.

But as of Wednesday, Jan. 13, the clinic opened its doors to 1A health care providers and first responders who are not associated with MCW.

“These might be your dentists, physical therapist, dental hygienist that work in private practice and are not affiliated with an academic medical center or large health system," George E. Mackinnon said. He is the dean of the School of Pharmacy at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Those “outside” health care workers will schedule an appointment online. They then become patients themselves, who must be eligible for the vaccine.

“Making sure they have not got a vaccine before, making sure they had not had a vaccination in the last 14 days, so there's a series of questions we go through with them and that's their consent."

Patients are escorted to their rooms where student pharmacists are trained to administer the vaccine. After getting their shots, they must stand by.

“We monitor them after they receive the vaccine on site up to 15 minutes for most cases, some a little bit longer if they've had previous history of a reaction to a vaccine."

Dr. Mackinnon says while this is only a pilot program for non-affiliated health care workers, he says they are prepared to give vaccinations when it is readily available to the public. 

“We are confident that we will roll out the vaccines properly, appropriately such that in time when we get through the different phases, that our community at large will have the appropriate immunizations at their disposal."

Friday, Jan. 15, is the last day for non-affiliate health care workers to be vaccinated at the clinic. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment you can find more information here.

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