MCTS has provided more than 90,000 free rides with "Go Pass"

It's been about a month since the Milwaukee County Transit System launched a program that offers free rides to seniors and people who are disabled called \"Go Pass.\"

To date, MTCS reports they have given out over 4,100 \"Go Passes\" and they've been used for more than 90,000 free rides.

Shirly Hern and Jacqueline Ziezki, both seniors, are among the thousands who got their MCTS \"Go Pass.\". They say they've been taking the bus for about 18 years and depend on it.

\"It's about time some of the senior citizens get some help you know we need it too,\" Hern said.

\"I use it for medications, doctor's appointments, going shopping here and there,\" Ziezki said.

That's the reason why Milwaukee County Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevich wants the program to work.

\"We have great numbers that show this program is working and people are using it,\" said Dimitrijevich.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele insists, turning discounted fares into free fares comes at a significant cost.

\"This is money that is being spent on a population that will include many individuals... that are not low income,\" Abele said.

However, Dimitrijevich firmly believes implementing the program was the right decision.

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