MCTS bus driver helps homeless man

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver who went out of her way to help a passenger is being recognized.

Natalie Barnes was driving over the weekend when she came across a man who needed help.

A man named Richard got on the bus Natalie was driving Saturday night. He told her his house had been condemned and that he was now homeless. 

That's when she offered to get him something to eat and told him he could stay on the bus to keep warm. 

"Richard is a passenger that I've seen on several occasions. We have several conversations and this is the first time he's had an immediate need. I just felt the need that you know, this is like a distant family. I see you every day, so I felt like I needed to help him. I couldn't go home to my family knowing he had nowhere to go at night," Natalie said. 

Natalie helped connect Richard with an emergency shelter. He is now safe and working with an agency to get permanent housing. 

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