Mayor Johnson shares 'Safer Street' plans for combatting reckless driving

NOW: Mayor Johnson shares ’Safer Street’ plans for combatting reckless driving

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Reckless driving has been an issue plaguing the streets of Milwaukee.

Friday, Feb. 11, Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson shared his plans on how to combat the issue.

Johnson shared his "Safer Street" plan on E. Becher Street -- an area he's already made some improvements on.

He says about $8.5 million will be going into street improvements and traffic calming.

The improvements will be seen on S. 37th St., Capitol Drive and Fond Du Lac on the north west side, along with other areas.

He says street designs are just one part of his solution, stating that he will be involving police enforcement.

He says his plans are only the start to a long road ahead to a solution.

"Eight-point-five million dollars is just a start. We're just beginning to do this work. We will be tapping into future tax incremental districts as they near closure in even more parts of the city of Milwaukee," Johnson said.

The mayor attributes the reckless driving issue to a lack of driving education and holding reckless drivers accountable.

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