Mayor Barrett "Eager" to Help State Recruit Foxconn

NOW: Mayor Barrett “Eager“ to Help State Recruit Foxconn

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says city leaders are “eager” to help the state lure Foxconn, a large technology manufacturing company.

For months, speculation has swirled over where the Taiwanese company will place its first American factory.

Monday, Barrett said, "If this is located in Racine, in Kenosha, or even Rock County, that there's going to be a great demand for jobs. And of course we have a large pool of talent here in Southeastern Wisconsin, and in particular in the City of Milwaukee."

Foxconn is most well-known for putting together the IPhone for Apple, but also assembles other products for other companies.

Company officials have said they are exploring creating as many as 10,000 jobs in the United States.

Wisconsin has competition in its pursuit of Foxconn, Michigan and Texas are the other perceived frontrunners according to industry experts.

Last week, Michigan legislators passed a bill with big business tax incentives.

Ron Starner, an Atlanta-based business site selection expert with Conway Inc., said, "I don't think Michigan would've put that package together so quickly if they didn't think they had a serious chance of landing Foxconn."

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