''I let the one gentleman in, pulled him to the back of the store:' Mayfair Mall employee helps shooting victim

NOW: ’’I let the one gentleman in, pulled him to the back of the store:’ Mayfair Mall employee helps shooting victim

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS58)--A day after the Mayfair Mall shooting on Friday, Nov 20., police are still searching for the shooter. Employees who work at the mall are continuing to share their stories the moment they heard gunfire. 

“We heard the first round of what was identified as gunshots, it sounded like there were four, disbelief on a lot of people’s faces and then the second round of gunshots came off and everyone was like that is in fact gunshots," Anthony Shine said. He works at Board Game Barrister inside the mall.

He said gunshots hit several people near the store.

“I let the one gentleman in, pulled him to the back of the store, he said he had been shot," Shine said. "We ended up bringing out our first aid kit.”

Shine says he looked out past the front of the store, only to see a crime scene.

“There was blood pooling underneath one of the ladies out there who had been shot in the leg, the lady that was with her also had been hit, one of the gentlemen behind the kiosk arm was bleeding."

Over at the store Nikavonni’s, the owner says she was finishing up with a customer when she heard gunshots.

 “It was rapid shots, it was like boom boom boom, non-stop” Nikki Shelton said.

 Shelton and her worker began to lock down the store.

“You never would expect someone to be shooting inside the mall."

While hiding, Shelton heard a knock at the back door.

“I opened the door to about 10 police officers, guns drawn saying everyone got to get out.”

Shelton and others say it took hours for them to be released from the mall.

“Definitely happy we got out the mall alive.”

As for Shine, he heard back from the man he helped.

“He was thankful, I am hoping he makes a speedy and smooth recovery.”

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