Matt LaFleur's 10 Days of Hope

NOW: Matt LaFleur’s 10 Days of Hope

Matt LaFleur has a few tricks up his sleeve for every opponent, but Monday he was the one left surprised.

“Thank you!”

That’s ten families thanking the Packers coach for his “10 Days of Hope” campaign designed to raise funds and awareness in the fight against pediatric cancer.

“We all know cancer is tough, but together with support like yours, we can be tougher.”

“I cant imagine what you go through on a daily basis," LaFleur told the families. "It’s definitely more difficult than anything we have to encounter here with the Green Bay Packers. Your stories are the epitome of strength.”

LaFleur’s 10 Days of Hope has already raised more than $50,000 helping families like the Alexanders in New Berlin.

“What I took from it is there’s hope for families with all of this ongoing research," says 18-year-old Payton Alexander. Payton is battling Ewing Sarcoma and says LaFleur's support "means a lot." Obviously I'm surrounded by my family that's always showing me support, but hearing it from people you've never met, like the Packers, who are always busy practicing, playing games and traveling, it means a lot because it shows that you'll get support from all around."

“You got a lot of people pulling for you and we're all behind you here. My heart goes out to every family here."

LaFleur and the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation’s Bart and Cherry Starr Children’s Fund are still accepting donations through the end of the year at Scott Grodsky, CBS 58 Sports.

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