MATC offering free tuition for adults who didn't finish college degrees

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Area Technical College officially launched the MATC Promise for Adults this morning, offering free tuition for eligible students to finish their associate degrees at MATC. The new program is an expansion of MATC’s first-in-the-state Promise program, which assists new high school graduates.

The MATC Promise for Adults covers tuition costs after scholarships and grants for up to 75 credits for eligible individuals. Students must be:

● 24 years or older and live in the MATC district

● Have an annual family income of $56,000 or less (based on federal student aid application)

● Have earned at least six college credits but have not earned an associate or bachelor’s degree

● Have been out of college for at least two years

“We are offering this program in direct response to the urgent needs of our community – where area employers are desperate to fill the middle-skill jobs, while at the same time many local residents lack the resources and support to gain the degrees necessary for these positions,” said MATC President Dr. Vicki J. Martin.

Students are required to take at least six credits per semester. Applications are due by July 5, with coursework beginning in fall 2018. They must enroll in an MATC associate degree program linked to a top 50 in demand career. A list of those careers can be found here.

MATC will hold enrollment fairs and reach out to community-based organizations to help eligible students to learn about the program and begin their applications.

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