Massage class for dogs

Want to do something really nice for your dog? The Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus is hosting a dog massage class on Tuesday, April 5 from 6-8pm! Relax, de-stress and relieve your dog and yourself by learning basic relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques.  Canine massage is more than just "fluff."  Massage certainly relaxes and relieves pain, but it can also lower stress and anxiety, build confidence, soothe arthritis, increase flexibility and prevent potential future injury...just to list a few of the benefits!
During the two-hour hands-on session with your dog, you will learn generalized muscle anatomy and basic techniques to relax your dog, warm your dog up before physical activities and therapeutic work that can assist in healing processes or with common geriatric conditions.  You will also learn some fun, active stretches to teach to your dog! Essential Oils used in massage therapy will also be covered.  Please note that oils will be used during this session.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes.  Bring a small throw blanket to sit on the floor with your dog (this will create "your space" to work within).  Treats or a "quiet" toy recommended to help keep your dog focused on you. The fee for this workshop is $40.00 per dog. Register here and we'll see you on the 5th! 

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