Masks distributed at polling places to encourage safe early voting

NOW: Masks distributed at polling places to encourage safe early voting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Organizers are coming together to hand out free masks to voters headed to the polls during the final days of early voting in Wisconsin. 

The reusable masks were offered to anyone who visited the Zeidler Building on Thursday, Oct. 29. 

"We're seeing a precipitous right now in COVID cases right now and it's one of the reasons we want to make sure people are going out to vote, are voting safely. That's the reason for 'Mask Up 2 Vote'," said Mike Kryshak, owner or Rebel Converting. 

Approximately 40,000-50,000 masks are being provided thanks to Rebel Converting, a company that produces hospital grade disinfectants and wet wipes. 

"The company was doing very well before COVID and basically with COVID the sales have been going up exponentially, so we didn't feel it was right to benefit off the misery of others," said Kryshak. 

Rebel Converting Owner Mike Kryshak is working alongside the city of Milwaukee's Office of Violence Prevention to make sure everyone has the opportunity to vote and do it safely.

"We want everyone to know not only is their vote important and it's valuable, but don't forget we still need to go to the polls and vote," said  Teangelio Cargile Jr., with Milwaukee's Office of Violence and Prevention. 

Teangelio Cargile decided to get out and hand out masks Thursday but also to get a message across. 

"In no way shape or form have numbers gone down," Cargile said. "This week we have had our highest number of COVID cases and deaths. We need to remind folks, this mask right here or any mask like this is so important."

If you need masks, CLICK HERE to find the different locations where they are available. 

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