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Married mixed-status families seek answers after not being eligible for a stimulus check

NOW: Married mixed-status families seek answers after not being eligible for a stimulus check


MILWAUKEE, WI (CBS 58) – Not every U.S. citizen will be receiving a stimulus check, and for Guadalupe Diaz, it’s because of her husband’s immigration status.

In the more than 800 pages of the stimulus bill, it is stated that mixed-status families will be ineligible for a stimulus check.

In 2018, Diaz filed jointly with her husband, who has an ITIN number, and her social security number.

An ITIN number is a tax processing number issued by the Internal Revenue Service for people without a social security number to file a federal tax return.

“We are U.S. citizens and it’s like we’re being discriminated against because of who we fell in love with and who we married,” says Diaz.

Diaz is referring to the millions of families who just like her, are not receiving a stimulus check because their spouse is in the process of obtaining residential status.

“Here we are doing the right thing,” says Diaz. “Filing for residency, waiting for residency, doing taxes every year, and for doing the right thing it’s like we’re being punished.”

This is a similar scenario being seen with 15-million people in this county and about 115,000 in Wisconsin who immigration attorneys say were blindsided by this.

“My biggest piece of advice is to reach out to groups that advocate for their rights,” says Melissa Soberalski, an immigration attorney in Milwaukee. “Speak to an immigration attorney, maybe there is form of relief that they haven’t sought yet. My third piece of advice is to talk to tax experts.”

Soberalski says other examples she’s seen are undocumented parents with children born in the U.S. also being denied a stimulus check.

Diaz is a part of the Facebook group Mixed-Status Families United that was created last Wednesday when families who were expecting a stimulus check never saw one.

This is also a place where families can connect with attorneys and resources to see if they have any other options.

“At this point, it’s not even about me,” says Diaz. “It’s about other people that have children who are being denied their rights and they’re being denied basic needs like food.”

Community groups say they’re actively looking for solutions and looking into potential lawsuits for what they're calling discrimination against U.S. citizens.

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david 22 days ago
I am a US citizen and even served 4 years in the Army and have not received any stimulus check. My wife is from Honduras and we have been married for 6 years at the end of May. We file jointly and have a son who is 4 years old. It is a shame that the government has chosen to neglect its fellow citizens for circumstances like this. What happened to For Liberty, Justice and Freedom for all.
Mreeves28xx 22 days ago
I am a US Citizen. Have been with my wife for 18 years now and been married for 10 of them. We have 2 children, 1 is 14 and another at 16. She received her Permanent Resident card mid March 2020. I have done my taxes filing married with her using a ITIN. I never received anything either and she has her SSN now and was working during this Pandemic
Ddasargo 29 days ago

What is happening to this great country? I rendered service during the Vietnam war and went on to render service in the U S Postal service until I retired. Why am I excluded from CARES stimulus checks merely because my spouse is an immigrant? We were religiously filing our joint income tax return, year after year; since she was given an ITIN by IRS. Where is the care(sic) in the C A R E S act?

Gruiz83 35 days ago
We all know Donald Trump is raises it just shows just because my partner is an ITIN and I’m a US Citizen I don’t qualify for a stimulus that is not right I pay taxes I work I take care of my family and I get punished that’s Not fair!!!
Jason 37 days ago
America was fine BEFORE illegals! You are so full of crap to think America gonna fall apart if u leave...Illegals taking over neighborhoods,now you are crying cuz trump locked yall azz out..if u get hungry you can eat in mexico
Michael Jason 37 days ago
What a racist asshole.people like you if talked that way in front of me would get punched in the mouth.trump thumper im sure and a repuke.
Jason Michael 37 days ago
Hey want to invest in detainee centers??
Amanda 39 days ago
Me and my three kids are having to get punished and not get a stimulus check to take care of us while we're struggling to pay bills and to feed us through this hard times all because someone decided to give illegal immigrants and itin number to do taxes I've been with my husband for 13 years he's always does his taxes and everything like he should just so he can get his papers but they make it so hard for him to get his papers because he's never been in trouble so if he gets in trouble it'll be a whole lot easier huh crazy how all this mess works
Angela 39 days ago
I also didn't qualify. Me and my husband are in our final stages of getting his residency. I am also a healthcare worker. He felt so bad that me and our 4 children don't qualify. :-(
MiguelNClaudiaPruneda 40 days ago
I guess this is how we make America great again. By depriving men, women, children, and entire families of a government aid that US Citizens are entitled to. I ask the government for no aid. I don’t ask for TANF, nor Food Stamps, nor CCMS but I do however pay my taxes, have a driver license, am a homeowner, invest in the stock market, and go out to vote. Yet the government feels my children and I are unfit to receive a stimulus check for being married to an immigrant who I include every year in my taxes. I guess all of us married to an immigrant must be immune to COVID-19. Our children don’t run the risk of being infected nor do we run the risk of hours being cut back at work, which has already begin to happen at my job. Honestly I could give a rats ass about the stimulus check. God has been good to us. My husband and I both work hard and have no need as of today but there are families out there, US Citizens may I add with children born and raised in the US, who have lost their jobs due to this pandemic. They and their children are entitled to this aid. And before anyone starts giving me their “humble opinion” about me being married to an immigrant or about immigrants in general....save it. We all inhabited this world and we are all entitled to live freely in it. Yes mankind has set boundaries as the years have gone by but at one point we we’re all immigrants. God bless and stay safe 😘✌🏻
jacqueline 41 days ago
This really gets me mad, Im a us citizen born and raised and people with recidencys have more privalages than me. This is not fair.

ChaseHadden 41 days ago
I am a US citizen my wife is an immigrant but does not work will I still get my stimulus check?
Solanch 41 days ago
This is bs.. why he did that im U.S citizen my daughter was bor here yes my husband is immigrant we are close to get his green card his paper clear..he is foing it wrong.. when we do our taxes we clame everyrhing together they take all pur money why there they dont say anything about it orwhen we have to pay becuase we made to much there they dont say anything they yake our money so why we cant get what is right for every mixt family.. i have never ask the government for anything not even when i had my daughter or when i got injured couldn't work for 3 month injured my back i dint ask for unemployment or anything ... it makes my sad and angry
Titan 42 days ago
I'm a American citizen, I file a joint return every year with my wife who has a Legal ITIN number and because of that, we both get nothing from the government. My wife is 100% Legal, just All the people that have a ITIN number. You must file a W-7 With Your Legal Documents to get a ITIN from the IRS. People with ITIN Numbers, pay taxes, just like All other WORKING Americans and All of them should receive the same money as any other American who pays taxes. This is 100% WRONG and needs to be Fixed in Washington or with a Lawsuit ! So All you lowlife Americans think you know more than God. You need to Stop being Stupid and Start supporting the Legal people that pay taxes so you can get your SSA and All your Free stuff from the Government. God Bless All Americans !
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Jason Stephanie 37 days ago
America owes you NOTHING ....Stuff that in your burrito!
How dare you ....come to my country, and think yall better than Americans...And you expected us to foot the bill.....Deporting illegals makes me happy...I also invest in immigrant detention centers how about u?
Joanna Jason 28 days ago
What a racist POS you are. I'm separated from my immigrant husband, but I still have more respect for him, than I do for someone like you. "Your country" ? My family has been around much longer than yours.
mika Jason 19 days ago
Honestly America is lazy same as u just relying to the government!!
mika Jason 19 days ago
U lucky but one day u will get ur own medicine putang ina mo!!!
Melinda 43 days ago
Nope sorry. In the processes of becoming legal means you entered this country ILLEGALLY and you along with your fake "citizen" anchor children need to be deported. People like this are why I left the democrats after three decades for Trump.
Ktrapani Melinda 42 days ago
Listen, I was born here. Am an American Citizen. Half Italian, half Czech. My husband, not born here. Came on a visa. We have a baby girl full American citizen. NOTHING was done illegal. So while you might think you know things, you don’t know anything. We’ve done everything right and we are not getting any checks. Not even for me and my daughter. What nationality are you? Because at some point your family wasn’t legal and then came here to make a nice life for you. Maybe your great grandmother but at some point they came here. So if that’s really how you feel you deserve garbage just like how you act. Like complete garbage.
Stephanie Melinda 42 days ago
Melinda what in the world is wrong with you acting like this??. Seriously.... If you are a believer in Jesus Christ and follow his ways and go to church then you know that God would not want you to treat people in this way. We are all in this together this pandemic is terrible leaving many families with out jobs and money to feed themselves and their children. The ones in the family with social security numbers should still get the help from our government we did not lose our USA citizenship when people got married. We understand the one with the itin number not receiving the stimulus check but the rest of the family does qualify and should be getting the check. You need to understand it's our rights taking away today it could be your rights taking away tomorrow if they so decided too. Don't you get it leave racism and politics out of this do what's right by these people and for it God's way not man's way. Jesus God would never do this to a gone he would never turn his back on any of us regardless of our status he died for all of mankind so that we could have eternal life. He never asked if we were legal or not it was never an issue for his love was for all of us in this world. People with itin numbers pay more taxes in this country then anyone go ahead send them all home and watch America's economy crash hard. This is a pamdemic in a time like this everyone on USA soil should be helped thru this crisis. We all need to stand up and make this right God is watching to see how we treat others let him see that we are treating each other with love and compassion. You do realize they take their tax money it's the same thing as saying it's ok for you to be here in USA. Why have they not gotten their address's off their tax papers and rounded them up and send them home?.I will tell you why because they don't want to lose that tax money and they know it will destroy our economy for ever. The government needs to either put them out of here or stop being a hypocrite taking their money and screaming your illegal it's stupid and makes absolutely no sense at all. Be wise Melinda always follow Jesus God and his ways on how to treat people not how humans treat people on this earth.
vrt Stephanie 42 days ago
God has nothing to do with taxes.
Stephanie vrt 38 days ago
You might want to read your Bible again it's all about God. Everyone always wanting to exclude God on everything well sorry it don't work that way. This is why the pandemic is going on he has allowed it to shut down everything that excludes him. Also closed down churches because alot of people don't want to go. Use your head everything in life is about God
Christina 44 days ago
Super proud this group has grown so much. We are done sitting in the dark and are fighting back. We stand United
Diane 44 days ago
No she is not doing the right thing aiding and harboring Illegal Migrants are both felonies! Go ahead and sue so we can deport the person here Illegally and put their spouse in jail for harboring
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vrt Stephanie 42 days ago
I am soooo tired of that tired phrase "they do jobs no American wants to do". What a crock. Who do you think did those jobs before? The jobs at the restaurants and fast food places were for students and semi-retired workers. There are plenty of legal residents and citizens who would love to work at landscaping and carpentry work. Lots of under-educated legal workers would clean hotel rooms and work as maids for the rich. About the ONLY job most citizens and residents won't do is working in the fields. And guess what? They have guest worker programs for those so, just about anyone, from any country, can take that job legally without being a legal resident. One news program actually did a whole program a few years ago interviewing unemployed Americans/legal residents about the kind of work they wanted/could/would do and not a single one would have turned down those jobs that everyone says "Americans don't want". In fact, they also interviewed Americans who were doing those very jobs and who loved their jobs.
michael vrt 41 days ago
Really Americans would do all those jobs that’s why farmers were going out of business when they stopped letting in the migrants” absolutely nobody was taking those jobs dude there’s like literally a documentary about it. They could not find anyone to work the fields no Americans at all, they’d go there they work 2 days and quit dude. So what in the **** are you talking about jag **f????
michael vrt 41 days ago
AND there’s even worse jobs then working the field in manufacturing and in assembly lines those jobs definitely suck and you’d be hard pressed to find any Americans that would do it for minimum wage which is what most of these companies pay. Americans would not do those jobs unless they were getting payed at least double. Watch how fast the economy tanks when and if they ever did deport everyone and all those companies would go out of business because they couldn’t pay lazy azz Americans enough to do those jobs.
Joanna vrt 28 days ago
Yet Americans want to be paid $15 or more to stand around, I can hardly wait to see what they would want to work on a farm or in an orchard...
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