Marquette Students wait for Pope Francis in Philly

Thursday night CBS 58 reporter David Ade sat down exclusively with Milwaukee's Archbishop and Friday he caught up with local students who have just arrived in the City of Brotherly Love.

St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia is hosting more than 100 students from catholic universities around the country during the pope's visit.

Two students from Marquette University are the first to arrive. CBS 58 caught up with them on campus and they say this is a unique experience which will allow them to bring back stories and a different perspective to Milwaukee.

When students from other universities make it to campus they will all spend Saturday night on a gym floor then walk about six miles to downtown Philadelphia for Pope Francis' mass on Sunday.

"It shows that we really want to be there and that we’re willing to make a trip to go see Pope Francis," said Dan Barrett a Marquette Junior.

There are going to be thousands of people that are going to be there and we're all they are excited to see Pope Francis. rallying around rallying around Christ really," says Aaron Tyler McCoy a grad student at Marquette.

The students tell CBS 58 this trip will be an incredible personal experience, while also helping put the pope's visit into perspective for people who couldn't make the trip.

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