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Marathon runner's death ruled undetermined

The Rock 'n Sole half marathon runner's, who died after crossing the finish line, death was ruled undetermined by the Medical Examiner's Office.

Jon Derynda died during the Rock n' Sole half marathon on June 13, this was his first half marathon.

Derynda, his father, his mother and two sisters all participated in the half marathon.

At the seven mile mark, Jon's father, Mike Derynda, saw Jon walking and drinking water.

Jon crossed the finish line and immediately collapsed.

Jon was transported to Columbia St. Mary's Hospital. He was intubated and remained unresponsive during all efforts.

There were no signs of injuries or trauma.

His death was ruled as undetermined by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's office.

At the twelve mile mark, Jon said,\"Dad, I'm Dying.\"

Mike responded, \"You only have one more mile bud.\"

Mike noted his son looked exhausted.

Jon had trained recently with a seven mile run, but had not been training as often as one normally might before a race of this length.

Jon was preparing for final exams the last three months.

The entire family had a huge pasta dinner the evening before the race. Jon drank three to four 32 ounce glasses of water and went to bed at 10:00 pm.

He ate a banana and drank a glass of water before the race.

Jon did not have a history of smoking, drinking or alcohol.

CBS 58 spoke with Dr. Mark Horneffer who specializes in preventive care.

Dr. Horneffer says even if a young person appears to be healthy, it's important to check with a doctor before taking on intense physical activity.

\"You should have a number of questions asked, you should have your heart checked, a focused exam done, and based on that, and then you're good to go.\"

Dr. Horneffer says a person should gradually build up their exercise, and lookout for the warning signs.

\"Chest discomfort, out of breath, more than you would expect, woozy or near passing out, it's time to slow down, and get things checked out.\"

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