Manhunt Underway for Local Robbery Suspect by FBI

NOW: Manhunt Underway for Local Robbery Suspect by FBI

FBI said a pharmacy was robbed in Wauwatosa and it was an inside job.

The FBI said four people helped rob a Wauwatosa pharmacy in early August.

Three were captured, but Jaylen Campbell got away.

A manhunt is underway for 23-year-old Jaylen Campbell.

He is wanted for a violent robbery at this pharmacy on August 7th.

“They actually held up the pharmacist, to try and get pharmaceutical drugs that were behind the counter,” said representative for the FBI.

The FBI says it was an inside job as a former employee helped lead the group through the store taking cash and drugs

They appeared to know the layout of the store. They appeared to know where things were kept.

Minutes later they fled the scene in a silver car.

A few blocks away someone called police to report a reckless driver.

The Milwaukee Police responded to that location and was able to locate that auto.

Campbell's accomplices were captured, but he escaped on foot.

He was positively identified.

“At this point, it's just a matter of time. He will be caught,” said the FBI.

If you have seen Campbell, you are asked to call the FBI.  

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