Man walks from Milwaukee to Chicago to end violence

Tory Lowe is an activist in Milwaukee who has counseled nearly every homicide victim's family in the city. He says he decided to lace up, and call attention to the violence.

\"Forrest Gump had no reason when he was running, he just started running.\"

Tory Lowe isn't running away. 

\"I'm walking from Milwaukee to Chicago.\"

Walking to end Milwaukee's mounting murder rate with already 94 victims this year.  

Lowe says, \"Every mile I'll walk, I'll pray for them and dedicate that mile to them.\"

He says it's a sad similarity Chicago shares.

\"We have to start working together and put our heads together with other cities to see what we can do.\"

Like his walk, he says ending violence will be accomplished, one step at a time.

\"To bring awareness is one piece, but we have to actually start putting our hands on the situation to try and get some sort of positive result.\"

And he has a plan--\"Start reinvesting in our youth and reinvesting in employment on the north side.\"

Now all he's looking for is help, along the journey to rebuild.

\"I'll be stopping in Racine, Waukegan, Highland Park, Illinois.\"

And eventually he'll end his trek at Chicago's city hall. With a request to work together.

\"In the end, gotta start building that bridge, building that gap, and i made the first step, literally hahaha.\"

He will arrive in Chicago August 8th. 

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