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Man trying to find pet iguana on the loose in a Milwaukee neighborhood

NOW: Man trying to find pet iguana on the loose in a Milwaukee neighborhood


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A 5-foot long lizard is on the loose in a Milwaukee neighborhood. The iguana got away from its owner a month and a half ago. He was just spotted this week.

"He's been captive his entire life, up until a month and a half ago when he burst through a second story window and jumped," said Zach Hauser, the owner of the iguana.

Hauser has owned the iguana for nine years. He brought it to Wisconsin from California.

He says a Facebook post showing a picture of the lizard in the Murray Hill neighborhood was the first sign of the reptile he's had in more than a month.

He says the plant-eater has put on weight so he must be doing well in the wild.

He's not worried the iguana will hurt anyone but says if you see him, don't try and catch him.

"There's not really any danger unless you try to catch him and then things get severely damaged by claws and teeth and his tail, mostly teeth, and claws," said Hauser. 

Hauser says the largest trap he could find in the area isn't big enough to catch the elusive reptile.

Animal control also won't help, saying they only catch cats and dogs.

He says if a trapper is able to snag the iguana, who was seen near Greenwich and Murray avenues, he's offering a $100 reward. 

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