Innocent bystander shot inside north side convenience store

NOW: Innocent bystander shot inside north side convenience store

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A man is recovering after he was shot while shopping at a convenience store on the city's north side.

Surveillance video captured the suspect's car zooming by -- people ducked for cover as a number of shots were fired.

Willie duck, was caught in the gunfire while grabbing a few items at the Hot Spot convenience store on 26th and Atkinson on Monday afternoon. He was shot twice and is now covered in bandages.

“Walked into the store, minding my business and wind up getting shot in the chest and the legs," he said.

According to Milwaukee Police, Duck was not the intended target.

His granddaughter said there was an argument at the store before the shooting, and one of the people involved threatened the store. “I'm unsure if that was an employee or just a customer and it escalated to the point that they let them know they would be coming back and endangering the store," said Monashay Howard.

According to witnesses, there were other customers around at the time, including children. "We was finna walk out the store when the shots came through the store. It was little kids in the store, everybody got to running and it was crazy," said Erick Brown.

Duck's family is upset shootings continue to plague the neighborhood. “My grandfather really could've just lost his life at a blink of an eye," added Howard.

"How would you feel? I'm still here, I'm still here,” added Duck. “Somebody was looking out for me yesterday."

Authorities continue to investigate and search for suspects. 

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