Man fatally shot while robbing barbershop

The 4900 block of north 31st street is quiet, with a few small businesses lining the street, including an auto shop and barbershop...the target of a would be robber.

The owner of the building who didn't want to be named, describes to us what happened late Friday afternoon. A young guy walked into Level Up Auto Shop, he then held a gun to a man's head and forced that man upstairs to Family Cutz Barbershop. The owner says the robber was trying to get easy money.

\"We gone go the fast way, we gone go put this gun to somebody's head and scare the hell out of them, and take what they got on them,” he said.

However, the robber didn't know that someone else was carrying a gun.

\"As he was robbing the barbers, the customer ended up taking a shot, shooting the guy and killing him,\" the owner said.

What bothers the owner most is that he says he would have given the robber a job if he had asked. But, he believes many criminals simply don't want to work.

\"People want to rob somebody getting ready-made money when all they have to do is go put an application in,\" he said.

The customer who shot the robber was taken into custody. His friends say that he had a conceal and carry permit, and an authorized gun. Police are continuing investigation, they have not released the identity of either people involved.

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