Man charged in shooting of St. Francis woman

ST. FRANCIS — Police say 24-year-old St. Francis man, Lloyd Robinson is now charged in connection with the shooting of his girlfriend at an apartment building in St. Francis on Thursday, August 21st.

When officials arrived on scene, they say they received a report from a resident that his girlfriend had been shot inside their apartment. He said she was shot by a short Hispanic male wearing blue clothing who he believed to be a gang member. He also reported the shooter fleeing on foot from the apartment building, traveling eastbound, with a revolver handgun.

The shooting victim is, 20-year-old Amaretta Cruz. Medical officials say the bullet entered through Cruz’s back and exited through her leg, causing her to suffer kidney and bowel damage but is expected to be ok.

Cruz later issued a statement to police that her and Robinson were partying and he was playing with the gun when he accidentally shot her and she told him to call 911. She also said she is not sure why Robinson reported the suspect as a short Hispanic male subject who was responsible for the shooting. Cruz said she assumes Robinson panicked and did not know what else to do.

Robinson is due back in court for his preliminary hearing on September 3rd.


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