Man charged in burglary of Christopher Gray's home; two more arrested

MILWAUKEE -- A 22-year-old Milwaukee man has been charged in the home burglary that preceded the violent death of Christopher Gray. Jonathan Sellers is accused of burglarizing Gray's home prior to his death, but pins Gray's murder on someone else.

Milwaukee police have confirmed they have two more men in custody, but will not identify them.

According to the criminal complaint, Sellers and three other men parked a black Ford Taurus near Gray's home on November 18th. Sellers identified the three men he was with as \"B\", \"Red\", and a juvenile with the initials of M.J. 

Sellers told police, he and his accomplices were waiting for Gray to leave. Once Gray left his residence, they waited an additional 30 minutes before entering Gray's home. Sellers says M.J. entered Gray's home through an open bathroom window.

The criminal complaint says, Sellers and M.J. allegedly stole a large flat screen TV, two laptops, and an Xbox 360. They allegedly delivered all the items to B and Red, who were waiting outside in the Ford Taurus.

While inside the home, Sellers and M.J. heard the garage door open and knew somebody arrived at the house. Sellers told police, M.J. went through drawers in the kitchen and grabbed a hammer to use on Gray.

Sellers told investigators, Gray entered his home and began looking around. Sellers says he and M.J. jumped out and began chasing Gray toward the alley behind his home. M.J. allegedly bear hugged Gray from behind and slammed him to the ground. 

That's when M.J. allegedly began hitting Gray in the head with a hammer. Sellers told police he went through Gray's pockets and stole an iPhone and money. Sellers and M.J. fled the scene and was eventually picked up by B and Red in their car.

Additional criminal charges may be filed against Sellers in this case once the medical examiner's investigation is complete.

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