Man Charged for Allegedly Selling Cocaine from Under a Sink at the Dr. ML King Jr. Center in Racine

A man was arrested for selling cocaine in a bathroom next to a preschool room at the Dr. ML King Jr. Center in Racine on Tuesday.

Dr. ML King Jr. Center is located at 1134 Dr Martin Luther King Drive.

James Ballentine was charged with four counts of manufacturing / delivering cocaine and one count of possession of tetrahydocannabinols.

According to a criminal complaint, a cooperating citizen met with Ballentine to purchase cocaine.

On February 15, Ballentine met with the citizen at ML King Center and sold the citizen cocaine.

Then on February 27 the citizen met with Ballentine at his home located in the 1100 block of Geneva Street and purchased cocaine.

On April 4, the citizen met with Ballentine at ML King Center and purchased cocaine from Ballentine. The citizen observed Ballentine retrieve the item from under the sink in the bathroom of room #18.

On April 12, Racine Police Department Special Investigations Unit searched the residence of Ballentine and located a green leafy material inside a child’s snowsuit.

The officers than recovered cocaine hidden under a sink of a bathroom attached to a room that Ballentine had access because he was employed at the center.

According to the complaint, the room is adjacent to a preschool and multi-purpose room.

The Dr. ML King Center Jr. said “No comment” and that Ballentine is no longer employed by the center. 

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