Major state highway projects hang in the balance ahead of next week's budget vote

NOW: Major state highway projects hang in the balance ahead of next week’s budget vote

The state of Wisconsin now knows it's only getting1/5 of the $341 million dollars it asked for from the federal government to fund highway projects.

Some state senators say it's a big blow to project like the Zoo interchange which were already in jeopardy.

The east/west corridor is another project that's already started and is not being finished any time soon.

Most of the Republican controlling the legislature want these project done, but the debate is whether the state can continue borrowing money to pay for them or if a tax increase is in order.

"This being Labor Day weekend, I think it highlights the need to have safe roads and decent roads," said Democratic State Senator Tim Carpenter of Milwaukee. "If we don't invest in our local infrastructure, local roads, transit and finish what we start with freeway projects, we are failing our constituents. We need to do the job. Get it done."

State lawmakers say the picture on what projects are getting funding should be more clear after the legislature's joint finance committee takes up on the issue on Tuesday.

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