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Low in-person voting offset by absentee ballots, Milwaukee Elections Commission says

NOW: Low in-person voting offset by absentee ballots, Milwaukee Elections Commission says


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee workers continued to process a record for absentee ballots with masks and disinfectant Wednesday.

“Today we’re just going back and reviewing, making sure everything is in order," Milwaukee Elections Commission Director Neil Albrecht said.

Albrecht said they have received between 60 and 65,000 absentee ballots so far.

That’s compared to just under 18,803 who voted in person Tuesday.

Albrecht said, given the noncompetitive Democratic Primary, that’s actually solid turnout.

“It was almost like the election reversed itself," Albrecht said. "Normally we would see most people, a majority, voting in person at their polling places.”

Marquette Law Poll Director Charles Franklin said it’s too early to tell if the progressive Jill Karofsky or the conservative incumbent Daniel Kelly benefits in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race because of the lack of information on in-person voting in rural areas.

“Whether some of the areas that had low absentee requests actually made up for that on election day with normal or high levels of turnout," Franklin said. "So I'm afraid we are actually going to have to hold off on that.”

The Wisconsin Elections Commission said we won’t know entirely until Monday because ballots can be received until 4 p.m. on the 13th, provided they were postmarked on Tuesday.

“We’re still working with the clerks to understand what exactly they need to do on the 13th, and how that transmission to the county would work, so we anticipate doing some more training with them this week,” Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe said.

Wolfe said 4 p.m. Monday will look a lot like 8 p.m. on a regular election night. Results will not just be immediately available at 4:01.

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Kevin 53 days ago
Exactly how Vos, Fitzgerald, Ziegler, Roggensack, Bradley, and Hagedorn wanted it. Low turnout. Fewer people voting.

Despite calls by medical and elections officials to postpone this election for public safety these 6 people and the spineless Republicans in the Senate and Assembly forced this election.

They should have to answer for such reckless and irresponsible actions.
ArtMarquardt Kevin 52 days ago
You do know that over 1.2MM absentee ballots were voted and returned prior to the polls opening on election day. The turnout will be at or above the average for a noncompetitive presidential primary election. There is not a low turnout at all. Low election day turnout as most voters that planned to cast a ballot had done so int he weeks leading up to election day.
Kevin ArtMarquardt 52 days ago
And THOUSANDS of people who did not receive their absentee ballot (see previous stories) or did not receive them in time to get them counted (thanks to 5 conservative members of the US Supreme Court who said WI cant extend that period). Those voters had no choice but to go vote in person and risk their lives. So - lets agree and call it LOWER turnout than if it had been postponed as Evers and election officials and health officials recommended? Especially in Milwaukee - so I stand by my assertion that LOWER turnout was exactly what Vos and Fitzgerald and the Voter Suppression Republican Party wanted. And got.
Jill 53 days ago
Low in-person voting? Well, first you preach 'stay at home', then you expect people to come out and vote. With everything going on right now, voting is the LAST thing I'm worrying about...
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