Looking for a job? Here are Milwaukee-area employers hiring and resources

NOW: Looking for a job? Here are Milwaukee-area employers hiring and resources

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Employees are being laid off all over the Milwaukee area, but there are many essential businesses that have to create new jobs because they just can't keep up with the demand.

Grocery stores are just one industry where the COVID-19 pandemic has created an influx of new jobs.

Roundy's Supermarkets Inc., is hiring up to 2,500 employees at Metro Market and Pick 'n Save stores throughout Wisconsin. That includes full time, part time and salaried management positions. Since publicizing their need to hire workers last week, 

"The COVID-19 scare has certainly put some surges into our business, and we just need help," said Jim Hyland, the company's vice president of communications and public affairs. "There's no shortage of supply; it's an increase in demand. So we see gaps in the supply chain quite frankly because people are hoarding."

Hyland said the stores are also putting sanitary measures in place to protect employees and customers. They've put tape down on the ground to create social distancing. Plexiglass barriers are also scheduled to go up this weekend.

Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc.

Amazon announced it's hiring 100,000 new employees across the country. A spokesperson said the company is expected to hire 700 new jobs in Wisconsin alone.

There are open positions in Kenosha and Madison, and virtual jobs in Wisconsin.

Officials with both Roundy's and Amazon say they are willing to hire any workers who were laid off or furloughed. If they wish to do so, those workers would be able to return to their former employers when things return to normal.

"There's a wide variety of jobs that employers are needing to fill right now because of COVID-19. Those essential businesses that are still trying to find workers and do so in such a way that they're fully compliant with all social distancing requirements at the same time," said Bruce Palzkill with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

Many companies are also looking to fill jobs for staff who are out sick.

DWD created a webpage to connect people looking for jobs with employers who are hiring. It's broken into categories based on occupations. Some of the top in-demand fields are health-care organizations, which need nurses and pharmacists, and transportation jobs like truck drivers and delivery services.

People who have been laid off because of COVID-19 are not required to look for work to receive unemployment benefits, but some of them might want to earn additional income and possibly extend their unemployment benefits.

DWD says unemployment benefits can still be paid to people working part-time. The money they earn could reduce their weekly benefits, but it can also extend the amount of time they receive benefits.

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