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Local woman reacts to Robin Williams and talks about suicide attempts

MILWAUKEE -- For a local woman Susan Molls, the comedian's death hits close to home. She hopes Robin William's death and her story can make the public aware of the ongoing illness.

Molls says, \"I've been hospitalized 10 times, I've had two suicide attempts, it's affected my life very deeply.\"

She says while some suicide can be planned out and spotted by a sudden improvement of mood, giving away items, or thanking friends and family. Molls says her story proves some suicides are spontaneous decisions.

\"I made the decision that same day because my kids were gone and I was alone in the house.\"

Psychotherapist, Rosemary O'Connor says some of the more subtle signs can be over or under eating and sleeping, making plans for your children, and mentioning heaven a lot.

O'Connor says, \"People don't take care of themselves, they may look unkept, clothes all wrinkled, not feeling good about themselves.\"

Other signs include being distracted, overwhelmed, and being unable to complete tasks. O'Connor says medicine can help, but finding the right one takes time.

O'Connor says, \"For the whole thing to work, it takes about six weeks. Which can feel like a long time when you're sad.\"

Molls says she eventually found the right medication, and chose life for herself and her growing family. She's now a grandmother.

If you need help most counties have free services. Milwaukee's services are HERE. If you need help immediately call 800-273-TALK (8255)



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