Local travel agents fielding calls about trips to Seattle

There are lots of options for Packers fans if they want to get out to Seattle for the game on Sunday. It could be costly though. Many travel agencies around Wisconsin have taken calls from people interested in the trip.

Elm Grove Travel has been helping clients for a few weeks now. They said a few people called before Sunday's game just to put out feelers about going to Seattle. Now that they are locked in with Sunday's win, they expect more people to contact them.

Flights can be expensive, but there are options. Fans could potentially fly out of Milwaukee or even Chicago to save money. They also could fly in to Vancouver, British Columbia - if they have a passport. They could drive from Vancouver to Seattle.

\"This morning it has been a little bit slower,\" Elm Grove Travel Vice President Jenny Cagle said. \"We have gotten a couple of calls from people trying to figure out how to get out there and where to stay and what to do. So I think there will be a good contingency of packer fans that are there.\"

Many recommend using a reputable travel agent to get help with travel and reputable ticket suppliers to ensure you don't get scammed.

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