Local Realtor Attacked During Staged Showing, Returns to Property Thursday

Local realtor Jim Olsen is again showing the rental property where was attacked Tuesday.

Olsen says he was set up by a woman claiming to want to see the rental, and was led inside where two masked gunmen were waiting.

Olsen says they came out of separate bedrooms, and one pistol whipped him.

Olsen wants to warn other people doing cold calls. He said, "They don't know who they're meeting with for the first time, it's to kind of warn them to beware of these people are still out there."

A Milwaukee Police Department spokesman said police are still looking for two suspects.

Greater Milwaukee Association of REALTORS president, Mike Ruzicka, said in a statement, "This will certainly act as a wake-up call to everyone, to be cognizant of your environment and take preventive measures when meeting with clients.”

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