Local radio show host recovering after donating kidney in exchange that saved mother-in-law's life

NOW: Local radio show host recovering after donating kidney in exchange that saved mother-in-law’s life

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A well-loved morning show DJ is doing well, a week after undergoing major surgery that ended up saving her mother-in-law's life.

Elizabeth Kay's looking bright and happy and sharing this message: "Anything is possible through faith and prayer."

Seven days after being wheeled off to the operating room at UW Health, when she got weepy. 

"It was at that moment where I thought holy cow, we're really -- we're really gonna do this," Kay said.

Kay's social media went silent for a full day after surgery. 

Concerned Mix-FM listeners reached out with messages of hope.

"The first day I was pretty knocked out. I really don't even remember a whole lot the first day," Kay said. 

What she does recall is arriving at the hospital before the sun came up.

"And my mother-in-law was at the hospital. So we were able to see her right before they prepped me for surgery which was really nice because it kind of just inspired me of why I'm doing this in the first place," she said.

Less than 24 hours later, there was one thing on her mind.

"I said, did my kidney make it to Kentucky? And she came up and she put her hand on mine and she said 'Elizabeth, your kidney's already in Kentucky.' And that was so overwhelming to me, I started to cry."

And with that, she found the inspiration to get moving.

It's now one week later, and it's also her mother-in-law, Camille Hamme's, 60th birthday.

"Her numbers right now that her kidneys are producing are literally the best numbers they've ever produced," Kay said. 

Because of the fatigue in their recovery, there will be no party, but you can be sure there's celebrating going on in Hamme's heart, just the same.

"She has more energy. She feels this new lease on life so to speak."

What the future holds is even more love than this family could have ever imagined.

"The next time life throws a challenge my way, that through faith and love and family and love and support, we can really get through anything, and I hope our story can show that to people."

Elizabeth Kay hopes to get back to work in three-four weeks. She says she misses talking to her listeners and plans to call in to the morning show periodically until then.

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