Local Organization to Bring Water to Flint, Hopes to Give Ongoing Help

Government aid is going to Flint, Michigan to help with their water crisis, but a local group is doing their part.

"Basically it started off as Facebook post just trying to get everyone involved and just helping out the community of Flint; that's what it's all about," said Jermaine Murray, project chair of "Clean Water for Flint" put on by the National Pan Hellenic Council.

The Greek group isn't just taking donations and loading up the 53-foot trailer. Many of them will be following the roughly 50,000 cases of water to Flint Sunday morning.

"We are actually going to the fire station number three in Flint, Michigan... the national guard is on site to collect donations there are residents there coming in droves to be able to collect cases for their families," said Bridget Robinson with the National Pan Hellenic Council.

They say their plan is more than just bringing water.

"...and what we can do on ongoing basis to support their well being and their health," said Robinson.

Robinson believes they need to be in Flint to understand how they're helping and how they can continue to help.

"When we get there it will make it real for us. I think it's easy to be miles away and talk about it... to be on site and to be able to experience the need and to see the fact we made a difference... to feel impact in person will make a huge difference," said Robinson.

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