Milwaukee man makes a business out of tracking down stolen cars

NOW: Milwaukee man makes a business out of tracking down stolen cars

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Thousands of cars have been stolen in Milwaukee in 2021. One local man makes it his business to hunt down those cars for a living.

It’s no secret to local residents, car theft in Milwaukee is a known problem.

“We hunt cars, we go out there and get them back” said stolen car hunter Ace Smith. 

Smith's business is called GTA Recovery. He's been around the block for years. 

“Everybody already know who we is already, been doing it long enough” said Smith.

According to Milwaukee police crime statistics map, more than 3,300 cars have been stolen in Milwaukee this year.

“There’s more stolen cars than anything," Smith said. "So with us seeing all the stolen cars we just basically started to take action in our own little way.”

He says he’s recovered about 2,800 cars so far in his line of work .

Smith and his partner drive through neighborhoods finding cars that look suspicious. 

“We’re just sweeping the neighborhood," Smith said. "It may not look like nothing, but it always pan out.”

Smith searches for cars based off detailed descriptions provided to him by a customer.

He and his crew will then track it down.

“We not out here try to hurt anybody," Smith said. "We put out skills together and can’t be touched right now.

Ace Smith’s work is not affiliated with Milwaukee police.

If your car is stolen you are still urged to call police. 

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