Local lodge pampers pets

NOW: Local lodge pampers pets

FREDONIA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It's no secret people love spoiling their pets. Pet resorts and spas are popping up from coast to coast. 

A recent study estimates Americans spent $6 billion on grooming and boarding last year. CBS 58 was able to get a look inside a local lodge where pampered pets are getting the royal treatment. 

At Autumglo Pet Lodge in Fredonia, customers can choose between dog kennels and luxury lodge-themed suites. An 8' x 8' suite costs $36 a day and has a bed, TV, and even maid service. 

"I wanted to have a place where people felt comfortable bringing their dog to our place, or their cat, and not feeling bad about leaving them here. This is a fun place for pets to go to. If they want to go on vacation, they can feel good about where their pets are staying," says Autumglo owner Heather Masse.  

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