Local kids write letters of support to victims of Waukesha holiday parade

NOW: Local kids write letters of support to victims of Waukesha holiday parade


WAUKESHA (CBS 58) - It's the time of the year when kid's letters are usually written to Santa. But now, those letters are intended for unknown recipients. The kids at Liberty Dance Center in Waukesha are writing to victims from last Sunday's holiday parade.

"My card says we are extremely strong. We all love and support you, friends. Can't wait to see you back on your dancing feet," read dancer Isabelle Gartzke.

Kate Moody is the owner of the studio and was only expecting a few letters but received an overwhelming response.

"We have about 100 signed up. Some of the kids have not gotten up from that table even though they got here over an hour ago," explained Moody.

Moody told CBS 58 that the girls just wanted to show their support.

"Kids have been focusing on the Xtreme Dance Team. As a dance community, I know they have a lot of friends directly impacted with that. Dancing Grannies… I've seen and the Waukesha South band," said Moody.

The girls say they drew from an inspiration of kindness within Waukesha when designing the cards.

"It's really good to know that sometimes when there is bad people in the world there is a million good people. The cards may not take back the trauma that occurred but I hope it brings a smile to their face."

Moody hopes to deliver a message of love with each letter.

"Hopefully these cards brighten their day and give them the strength to keep fighting," said Moody.

Each child that wrote a letter donated at least $10 which will go to the United for Waukesha Community Fund. The Liberty Dance Center will be matching the amount raised by the kids.

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