Local Group Wants PBR Back In Milwaukee

Many people remember when Pabst Blue Ribbon beer was brewed in Milwaukee.   Now there's a grass roots movement to bring Pabst back to Brew City.

A local group calling itself  Bring PBR Home is making its mission to bring the PBR headquarters back to Milwaukee.

Pabst was founded in Milwaukee back in 1844. It's no longer brewed here and the corporate officers are in Los Angeles. Earlier this month the owners said they wanted to sell it.

Susie Seidelman heard this and decided the people of Milwaukee should own it. \"They would own a share of the brand, just like anyone who owns a share of the Green Bay Packers,\" said Seidelman.

She help start a Facebook group called Milwaukee Should Own Pabst Blue Ribbon and BringPBRhome.com.

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