Local foundation provides link to hope in Sherman Park neighborhood

Inside a storage room near 45th and Burleigh, you'll find beds, tables and chairs, all donations from the community.

But what you won't find are TVs and computers. Bianca Williams said they were stolen amid Milwaukee's weekend of unrest

"Those are the same items we use to help the youth when they come and try to do a resume, fill out applications," she said.

But those youth and families are still counting on her for basic needs, like clothes, shoes and food. Others are in need of housing resources.
That's where the A Cry for Help Foundation comes in. The 25-year-old from the inner city started the organization over a year ago.

"Eventually you gotta break the cycle," she said.

Williams' mission starts with kids who can't afford summer programs.

So this year, she hired dozens of them to clean up the neighborhood, a task they quickly realized goes a long way.

"They didn't like it at first and once they were out in the community and saw people saying thank you, we appreciate you, they were like, 'oh I can do this again,'" she said.

It's that kind of positive encouragement Williams is committed to giving, in hopes of seeing her community cry no more.

"Just taking it one day at  a time," said Williams. "And just reaching back grabbing a young boy or girl, that's what's important right now."

Right now, the foundation is supported by Williams and community donations, but she is working to secure funding through the city.

To help, volunteer and learn about upcoming events, visit the Facebook page. You can also email [email protected]

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