Local Ebola Concerns...Too Much Worry?

So what's fear based and what's real when it comes to Ebola? It really is hard to know what to think about this, and the circumstances keep changing. One case has become two, and there are all these questions about flying.

But, one health professional we spoke with at Columbia St, Mary's says we still could be blowing all this out of proportion. Director of Infection Prevention, Alice Brenner, says while this deadly virus is contagious and can survive for several days at room temperature, there's only a very specific way of getting infected.

Ebola is not spread through air, food, or water. It occurs only through bodily secretions, and it's only contagious if you have the symptoms. The people who need to worry are those in direct contact with somebody having symptoms.

We also asked Brenner about the potential for an outbreak here in the U.S., and she told us she doesn't see it happening. And for those who still might have some anxiety about all of this, we did learn Ebola is highly susceptible to alcohol. So if it makes you feel better, go ahead and use those handy wipes and antibiotic gel to your heart's content.

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