Lengthy Road Construction Project in Wauwatosa expected to last until June 2015.

WISCONSIN - WAUWATOSA--Business owners and drivers alike are having to deal with another road construction project affecting Blue Mound Road in Wauwatosa, and this one is expected to last until June 2015.

The lengthy project is what has at least one merchant concerned over the future of his gasoline station.

The Citgo gas station on Blue Mound Road has been in business for the past 10 years. But today, Sajid Bashir is saying he'll consider closing his business due to what he estimates will be an 80 to 90 percent loss in revenues.

"Better thing is...we close the station." Says Bashir.

Before the likelihood that he close his business, he's already advised his employees that he'll cut down on their hours, than follow it up with laying people off. And, he's already taken the step of lowering the price on the gallon of his regular unleaded gas...from $1.16.9 to $1.11.9.

Mister Bashir says he's still recovering from slow business during construction at Mayfair road last year, and that this may be the final effort at keeping his business afloat.

The very slow clientele that crept into his Citgo Gas station, included area residents and employees that work nearby. They agree that the construction project is confusing and a "mess."

But Geralyn Schultz, who lives nearby, says that the project is quite organized, and that "in the end it will be worthwhile, but it's always difficult to get through the process."

Meantime, state officials advise that you check out road conditions before you hit the road.

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