Lawmaker wants teachers protected from student assaults

NOW: Lawmaker wants teachers protected from student assaults

Wisconsin State Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt, R-Fon Du Lac, says Wisconsin has one of the highest rates of students assaulting teachers in the country, and he wants a stronger bond between schools and law enforcement.

"Any teacher worth their salt can tell you if you're not going to give students consequences for their behavior, that behavior is going to get worse, not better."

So he plans to correct that behavior. His bill would make it easier for teachers to suspend students and force schools to keep records of student assaults, but the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association says it would lead to more students in jail.

"Evidence nationally is actually very evident that bills like this exacerbate the school to prison pipeline," Association Vice President Amy Mizialko said.

The union says they also don't trust the source of the plan.

"He is responsible for the budget that has robbed millions of dollars from public schools for students, and he's also the sponsor of a bill that would make students unsafe in terms of allowing guns into schools."

Some teachers say the bill would hurt special needs and minority students the most. Thiesfeldt says that's not the case.

"It's aimed at poor behavior, so minority students, majority students, if they are misbehaving, they should be subject to what goes on in this bill."

Milwaukee Public Schools said they are continuing to review the bill and it's potential implications.

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