Last-minute deal struck between Racine, unions

Hours of negotiations Monday afternoon led to a tentative agreement between the city of Racine and police and fire unions.

Facing a possible $6-million budget deficit, the Racine City Council was set to vote on a cost-cutting measure Monday night, which would require police officers and firefighters hired before July 1, 2011 to pay higher health care deductibles-- $6,450 for a single plan, $12,900 for a family plan.

As the vote came before the City Council, Racine Mayor John Dickert announced that a new tentative deal had been struck, and the council promptly and unanimously tabled the original proposal until their next meeting.

When Racine County faced a a budget crunch in 2012, after months of negotiations County Sheriff's Office deputies started paying into their retirement funds. CBS58 asked if a similar deal was struck in the city tonight, but no specifics were announced.

Todd Hoover, president of Racine Police Association, is pleased the deductible proposal never came to a vote \"we have always made it clear to them that we are willing to do our part to work with the city and address its fiscal situation,\" Hoover said.

Mayor Dickert says the deal will satisfy the city's financial needs, and he wants to come to a formal agreement as soon as possible. \"We sat down, got an agreement, and I'm proud of that. I really appreciate our guys sitting down and having a conversation with us,\" Dickert said.

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