Lakefront cities look to improve, redevelop property along water

Cities along the lakefront are investing big bucks in nearby property to give residents more access to the natural treasure.

A project underway in the City of Oak Creek is included in that trend. Right now, the area is just a large green space along the shore of blue water, but city administrator Gerald Peterson called the plans a game-changer.

\"Mixed used development and a spectacular park for the public.\"

That's the vision for the 250 acres of land. Nearly $15 million will be used to fund the Lake Vista Redevelopment Project using bonds and grants. Peterson said there will be \"no tax increases for this.\"

The area slated for improvement has been off limits to the public for 100 years because of contamination from a previous industrial company. Private partners foot the $20 million bill to clean up the land.

A short drive up the road, fixing the ongoing tainted water issues is the goal of a rehab project at South Shore beach and park in Bay View.

\"I get to see the beach from my house everyday and we walk it everyday,\" said Mary Leonard, Bay View resident. \"So we're really thankful for the people contributing and making it better.\"

$1.6 million in Milwaukee County funding will help transform the beach and park into an inviting open space, that's safe for the community to enjoy now and for years to come.

\"It's a safe and wonderful neighborhood and we're just so fortunate to live here,\" added Leonard.

Work is set to begin on the Lake Vista Redevelopment Project in Oak Creek in the mid-to-late summer.

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