Lakefront Brewery wins silver medal for Brandy Barrel-Aged Imperial Pumpkin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Lakefront Brewery got more recognition for its Brandy Barrel-Aged Pumpkin beer on Saturday in Chicago. It was the 15th anniversary for the Festival of Barrel-Aged Beers and Lakefront has been a winner several times over the years.

Lakefront Brewery’s Brandy Barrel-Aged Imperial Pumpkin won a silver medal in the Specialty/Experimental category. “We do our best to make clean, true-to-style, drinkable beers,” said Russ Klisch, president, Lakefront Brewery. “Our Imperial Pumpkin has consistently been thought of as one of the best pumpkin beers in the country.”

Lakefront has been producing its Imperial Pumpkin for 5 years now.

Lakefront Brewery is currently crafting 6 barrel-aged beers: Spiced Winter Lager, Doppelbock aged in bourbon barrels, brandy barrel-aged Cherry Lager, Black Friday beer, its 30th Anniversary Eisbock, and the aforementioned, Imperial Pumpkin.

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