Lake Geneva teenager in coma-like state after getting sick in Morocco

NOW: Lake Geneva teenager in coma-like state after getting sick in Morocco

LAKE GENEVA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Lake Geneva teenager is still in a coma-like condition weeks after getting sick in Morocco. He was on a trip with family members. Some of them just returned home to Wisconsin this week as he remains overseas.

Nathan Dyer is a junior at Badger High School. Monday night classmates raised more than $1,000 to help him get back home. In fact, a Go Fund Me has already raised close to $20,000.

But the family says, sadly, that's only a fraction of what's needed.

Dyer left for the trip on April 1 with his older cousin Ashley Benyamina and her husband Mohammed, who is originally from the country. They say everything was going fine until about two weeks into the trip when doctors originally diagnosed him with Traveler's Diarrhea.

"He wasn't even able to keep the pills down for more than a few days and wasn't eating or drinking anything. So, then he went downhill and got way worse," Ashley Benyamina said.

"All the community are praying. Even back in Morrocco. The people, they don't know him. Like at the hospital I stayed with him in the room for four days," Mohammed Benyamina said.

"You get sick outside of your country and your family is far away and there is like the language barrier, all your friends and family are far away from you. It's sad," Mohammed said.

Ashley and Mohammed returned to the states this week. Nathan's mother is now with him in Paris, France after he was taken by air-ambulance to a hospital in that country.

That's where he's staying, without a diagnosis, because he hit the cap on his traveler's health insurance, Ashley Benyamina said.

"He'll open his eyes and he'll squeeze your hand but there's no other response," Ashley said.

"We've gotten a few quotes to get him back home and it's like $146,000 and there's no way he can take a regular commercial flight. It would be impossible. They wouldn't even let him board. They wouldn't even risk that," Ashley said.

The Go Fund Me page was originally set up to help pay for the trip to visit Nathan in the hospital but now it is shifting to get him home. 

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