Lake breeze returns for July 3rd fireworks

The good news? The pesky scattered showers and storms from the weekend will take a pause for Monday, July 3rd. The bad news? Warm temps will take a pause as well with highs returning to the 70s as a lake breeze returns.

A cold front is what's sparking showers and storms Sunday afternoon and evening and once it passes it will bring in a northeast wind. Even though the lake has warmed up a lot since May it is still cold enough to impact temperatures lakeside where highs will likely stay in the lower 70s and some may even struggle to hit 70°. Temperatures will be a little warmer inland making it to the middle 70s which is still below the average of 80° for this time of year.

Expect a good amount of sunshine all day on Monday with a few passing clouds, so if you are lucky enough to have off enjoy it. Weather for the big fireworks show in Milwaukee and other fireworks around the area also look good on Monday. The sky should be mostly clear, but temperatures will be a little on the chilly side so a sweatshirt or blanket is recommended.

Although the chance is decreasing, there is still a slight chance for some showers and storms Tuesday evening for the 4th.

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