Lack of rain the story in August

Remember the heavy rain and flooding that took place in July? Mother Nature has now put the rain on the back burner the last 5-6 weeks in southeast Wisconsin.  The next week will make it feel more like September, with more runs of dry conditions.

This month alone, Milwaukee and most of the region have only picked up an inch or less of rainfall. Milwaukee specifically has only totaled 0.77” of rain since August 1st. The average is 2.80”! If you’re doing the math at home, that’s over two inches of rain below average. The last 11 days of July only featured 0.05” of rain. That’s not enough to keep the grass, plants, and lawns happy.

There does not appear to be any rain streaks or relief in sight! We are under the influence of an upper-level trough that is not supporting enough moisture to generate rain. There is a slight chance of a sprinkle or a light shower tomorrow; however, this is not enough to break the run. The next chance of rain could be on Sunday night or Tuesday. What we need is a good, steady night or two of rain that doesn’t bring heavy rain or flash flooding – just a good soak!

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