Kraft expands recall of American cheese slices

(CBS NEWS) A recall of Kraft Singles processed American cheese slices is being expanded.

The Kraft Heinz Company voluntarily recalled 36,000 cases of 3-lb. and 4-lb. packages in July because small pieces of plastic wrap can stick to the cheese and pose a choking hazard. The company says it received two complaints of people choking on the plastic.

The recall is now being broadened to include additional sizes and varieties, including:

- 4-lb. Kraft Singles American

- 3-lb. Kraft Singles American (3 1-lb. packages)

- 4-lb. Kraft Singles White American

- 3-lb. Kraft Singles White American

- 1-lb. Kraft Singles White American

- 1-lb. Kraft Singles

- 3-lb. Deli Deluxe Kraft American Singles

- 3-lb. Kraft Singles American (72 individually-wrapped Singles in cardboard carton)

All of the recalled products are stamped with a \"Best When Used By\" date between DEC 15 and FEB 16, except for the Deli Deluxe Kraft American Singles which are dated JAN 16 through MAR 16. They also have code S54 or S 55 stamped after the date.

Kraft says only products with the S54 and S55 codes, which refer to the two production lines where the items were made, are included in the recall. A complete list of affected items, including those first recalled in July, is posted online.

Consumers who purchased any of these products are warned not to eat them. Kraft says the packages can be returned to the store for a refund.

This growing recall follows another one by the company last spring, in which 242,000 cases of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese -- 6.5 million boxes -- were recalled because some of the boxes contained small pieces of metal.

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