Kewaskum Police network hack potentially impacted over 2,500 people

KEWASKUM, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Kewaskum Police experienced a hack a few months, according to their chief of police.

Chief Bishop tells CBS 58 an "unknown actor gained access to our network and used one of our computers to access a third-party service."

The service is a database containing personal identifying information and not in-house records. 

The hacked searches had the appearance they were done by Kewaskum Officers but their officers didn't perform the searches. Once learning of the breach, the police department contacted their IT company and the Wisconsin Department of Justice to fix the problem and secure their network. 

According to Chief Bishop, the searches were vague and not directed towards any one person or people. They do not know what information was accessed.

Letters were sent to over 2,720 people whose information may have been compromised. 

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