Kenosha Sheriff doesn't support body cameras

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth says he doesn't support body cameras for deputies.  Beth was asked about body cameras over the weekend following an incident where a Kenosha County Deputy shot and killed a man.  The Sheriff says the man was pointing the shotgun at deputies when one deputy fired multiple rounds at him.  The 47-year-old man name Darren Fude died at the hospital later.  Sheriff Beth says there is no dash cam of the killing because the squads were too far away.  Beth says he doesn't look at one incident to determine if body cameras are necessary - he says right now his department doesn't need them.

"If our department had major issues with shooting people, or batteries, or situations, I may lean toward that," Beth said Sunday.  "But the fact in the last 40 years, it appears we've shot three people. I get almost no cases of abuse, or harassment by law enforcement. We deal with our situations. It isn't something I'm in favor of, I trust our officers. We'll make mistakes, but most of the time we'll do very good and I'm not a huge proponent of body cameras."

Body cameras cost a lot of money too. The Milwaukee Police Department just rolled out its first set of body cameras and is spending about one million dollars on the program.

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