Kenosha school district releases video of security guard kneeling on student's neck

NOW: Kenosha school district releases video of security guard kneeling on student’s neck

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- We have new information about an incident involving a Kenosha school security guard who was shown apparently kneeling on the neck of a 6th grader while responding to a fight two weeks ago.

On Friday, March 18, the Kenosha Unified School District released surveillance video of the incident.

The video includes two different camera angles from inside the Lincoln Middle School cafeteria. It shows Officer Shawn Guetschow trying to break up a fight between two students, then kneeling on one of their necks.

Watch the table at the top left corner of the screen. The video shows two girls start to fight, then fall to the ground.

Security guard Shawn Guetschow runs in from the bottom of the screen, tries to pull the girls apart, then falls to the ground with the girl in the gray hoodie.

The video shows him rolling on top of her, using his hand to hold her head to the ground. Then he puts his right knee on her neck as he holds her hands behind her back. His knee is on her neck for at least 22 seconds. 

He then walks the girl out of the cafeteria.

Guetschow worked part-time at KUSD; he's also a Kenosha police officer.

He resigned from KUSD Tuesday. 

Both the school district and Kenosha Police Department say they are investigating the incident.

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