Kenosha residents digging out after major snow storm

The City of Kenosha is digging out after the weekend snow storm.

It's a big task for everyone, but even more daunting for those who failed to abide by the snow emergency.

CBS 58 came across an SUV trapped in about three feet of snow because it was parked on a city street. To add insult to injury, the city left the owner a ticket for not following the rules.

In neighborhoods across the city, all residents wanted was a clear path out.

Some worked hard pushing snow blowers to toss snow that measured knee deep.

Others relied on a traditional shovel to get out of their front door and to the end driveway just to be picked up for work.

But Richard Heitman's go-to piece of equipment is the wovel. It's a shovel with a wheel.

Heitman said it's easier on the back, but with so much snow to move, it's a big job no matter how much you plan ahead.

\"Our strategy is to leave the cars as close to the road as possible, so we don't have to dig the whole way, but nevertheless, it's been very high,\" he said. \"So we're trying to get this little area dug out. The biggest thing is the snow plow, of course, put a big mound in front of us and that's the hardest thing to get out.\"

Drifting snow has been an issue for the city of Kenosha. Officials expect crews to work until midnight re-plowing roads.

As of noon Monday-- the snow emergency remained in effect, meaning no parking on city streets.

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