Kenosha County parent upset after child left on bus twice in four months

KENOSHA -- The parents of a four-year-old Wilmot girl left on the school bus twice by the same driver are looking for answers.

About half a dozen preschoolers were supposed to get off the bus at Trevor Wilmot School, but one girl didn't. The four year old girl fell asleep during the bus ride, and the bus driver never checked the bus before leaving the school. The driver drove home to take a break, leaving the girl on the bus. Alarms on the bus sounded shortly after the young girl woke up.

The girl's father Robert English says this is the second time his child was left on the bus in four months. \"She could have died right there, hypothermia,\" says English. \"If that alarm didn't sound, and the bus driver was still in her house she would have never known.\"

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