Kenosha Bank Robbery ends in Racine

 A failed bank robbery led to a police chase in Kenosha today and ultimately an arrest in Racine. 

Kenosha police say they got the call around 9:30 Saturday morning to come out to the Northshore Bank on Green Bay Road. Police say they quickly spotted the suspects vehicle and a chase started on Green Bay Road. 

That chase headed north toward Racine, over to Sheridan Road and eventually to this quiet subdivision near Olive & Kearney Streets. 

Alexis Bernal lives a few houses down from where the suspect was caught. She was up early holding a rummage sale and saw it all happen from her front yard. 

\"I was seeing the people saying hi to them or whatever then I came over here and then I hear a bunch of cops coming and coming over there and I see the lights and I'm over here looking like what's going on?\"  said Bernal. 

Bernal said bad things have happened in the neighborhood recently, but she didn't see this coming. \"Not this early! I mean we've had a couple things happen before like a shooting but that was late at night,\"said Bernal. 

Travion Hawkins agrees. 

 \"I was pretty surprised and a little scared but if cops had come down here further we would have went inside but with how far down they were we felt we were pretty safe,\" said Hawkins. 

Safe enough that Bernal continued her sale and even plans to hold it tomorrow.

\"I was a little scared but I was like I gotta keep this going,\" she said. 

Kenosha police say the suspect, who has not been identified, is in custody. 

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